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About Us

About AID Fuel Cards

From our beginnings in 1971, AID Fuel Oils Group has evolved to accommodate our changing customer base. Our aim is simple; to provide homes and businesses with an efficient heating, refuelling and lubricant solution.

Between the AID Fuel Oils, AID Fuel Cards, and AID Lubricants brands, we fulfil our customer's needs using the same founding principles that have helped the brand grow over the last 47 years. Our customers are right to expect more from their fuel and lubricant provider, that's why we operate in a competitive, transparent and reliable manner.

We understand that no two jobs are the same. That's why we are proud of our efficiency and flexibility to ensure that we are able to meet our customers’ demands time and time again.


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Our Fuel Card Philosophy

Only pay for the fuel that you use.

Companies operating vehicle fleets in today's challenging business environment are right to expect more from a fuel card provider. We believe that fuel card users shouldn't be deceived. That's why in a sea of fuel card providers that don't deliver on their promises, we pride ourselves on complete transparency and outstanding customer service to ensure your fuel card needs are fulfilled.

While many fuel card providers offer reduced prices, this is often inflated with a range of extra charges from anniversary fee’s to surcharges on fuel. AID Fuel Oils Group go the extra mile to help manage your fuel cards, offering no charges for the issue, reissue and replacement of your fuel cards. We are totally transparent, our only fee is an 85p per card if it is not used in an entire calendar month. Our total transparency means you won’t find any hidden charges on your invoices.


Our Heritage 


AID Fuel Oils Tanker Phillips Petroleum

AID Fuel Oils Group's heritage can be traced back to 1971, when brothers Anthony and Jeremy Whitehouse first delivered heating oil to homes & businesses across the Midlands as distributors of Phillips Petroleum. 

As demand for heating oil grew, so did AID Fuel Oils. Building from a single delivery tanker, we grew over the next decade with the construction of a purpose built storage and distribution centre located in Cannock. This allowed us to purchase fuels when market conditions were favourable so we could pass savings directly on to our customers, a philosophy we still hold to this day.

AID Fuel Oils Group map of head office

By the 1990's, AID Fuel Oils had expanded further thanks to the growth of the industry. Not only were our offices extended in order to accommodate more staff, but our storage depot was expanded in order to cope with increasing demand.

Whilst we catered to the demands of businesses in our delivery area, our growth resulted in us communicating with firms across the nation who believed in our efficiency, transparency and flexibility. In response to this, we explored various approaches of refuelling company vehicles in a cost effective, secure and convenient manner.

AID Fuel Oils Group old logo for fuel card servicesStarting as dealers for the Keyfuels card, the AID Fuel Card division was founded using the same principles as AID Fuel Oils. Our fuel card portfolio quickly diversified as we became dealers for the ShellTexacoEsso and UK Fuels cards to suit the needs of our expanding customer base.

Following an office expansion in the 2000's to cope with the increased demands of the AID Fuel Card division, the AID brand began to further expand our product range to suit our customers requirements. We found many customers were not satisfied with their existing lubricants and greases suppliers, with many receiving inferior quality products and services. After a lengthy deliberation process, an agreement with Q8Oils lead to the creation of AID Lubricants. With continual investment in research and development, Q8Oils were able to offer our agricultural, commercial and domestic customers with cutting edge lubricant technology.

AID Fuel Oils Group 4 wheeler tanker for small lane delieveries

As our relationship with customers grew from strength to strength, the increased demand yet again meant our own expansion was required. In 2014, the AID Fuel Oils Group brand was born, allowing us to unify our Fuel Oils, Fuel Card and Lubricant divisions.

Today, AID Fuel Oils Group is proud to still be an independent family business that has developed a reputation across the nation for delivering the highest quality services and products across a range of sectors.

What customers say

I would not hesitate to recommend AID Fuel Cards to any potential fuel card customer. The staff are very obliging whenever you have the need to contact them.
Having changed our Fuel Card provider to AID Fuel Cards some months ago, we have experienced major benefits. Reduced fuel costs with the certainty of continued ‘best price’ policies have allowed us to streamline our fleet administration.