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Keyfuels Diesel Direct Fuel Card

Key Fuels Fuel Card

The Keyfuels Diesel Direct fuel card gives you access to an extensive nationwide network at one competitive weekly price with a variety of control options.

Our bespoke control feature allows you to create specific rules per account or on individual cards to restrict when, where, and how much your drivers can refuel. From maximum or minimum transaction limits to site black-lists, we offer a wide range of configuration options so you can take complete control of your fuel card management.


Where you can use your Keyfuels fuel card:









  Gulf *


Moto Motorway Services * 

 ✓    ✓    ✓    ✓


Jet *             


Murco *



Supermarkets *


BP *


Tesco **




  • Over 2750 sites nationwide 
  • 650+ HGV friendly sites
  • Supermarket coverage
  • M6 Toll payments accepted


  • One competitive weekly bunkering related price
  • Petrol available at a pump related price


  • PIN security at unmanned sites 
  • Purchase restrictions 
  • Card blocking
  • Irregular drawing alerts


  • Bespoke control features
  • Reporting and alerts
  • Product restrictions
  • Secure usage limits
  • Velocity Control



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* Majority of sites available