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Frequently Asked Questions

How Can Fuel Cards Help My Business?

  • Control over driver expenditure
  • Pricing structures to meet your requirements
  • Online account management
  • Save time on administration and paperwork
  • VAT receipts in compliance with EU Legislation 6th Directive
  • Security
  • Improved cash flow

Which Fuel Card Should I Choose?

We are aware that each company has a different fuel card requirement and are happy to find the best fuel card for your business.

Please contact us on 01543 466 066 or and speak directly to one of our impartial customer advisors.


How Do I Know What Price I Will Be Paying?

We can notify you of your price in advance for the week by SMS or email, this is a free service and prices are always clearly shown on your invoice.


How Much Do I Pay For My Fuel Cards?

Fuel cards are issued, reissued and replaced free of charge.


Are There Any Hidden Costs?

There are NO hidden costs, you only pay for the fuel that you draw. Everything that you require to run an efficient fuel card account will be at your disposal free of charge. We only charge 85p per card if a card is not used in an entire calendar month.


Where Can I Use My Card?

Different cards give you access to different networks

  • Site directories issued with new cards
  • Search for sites online
  • Satellite navigation points of interest files available for download
  • Some providers also offer smart phone app downloads
  • Excel site lists available


What Is A Platts Related Price?

Platts is a industry standardised pricing model for commodity products, incorporating the price of crude oil, the exchange rate and trading conditions.


What Is A Bunkering/Bulk Related Price?

AID purchase fuel in large quantities and bunker this fuel into various card networks, meaning customers benefit from a bunkering/bulk related price across a large network of sites.


What Is A CRT Site?

CRT stands for Commercial Road Transport and refers to a Shell site that offers fuel at 2ppl less than non CRT sites. They are mainly located on major roads and motorways, all CRT sites are also HGV friendly and offer fast fill pumps.


Our Company Has Various Depots In Different Locations. How Does This Affect Invoicing?

Each depot can be invoiced independently or centrally with various cost centres/subtotals dependent upon your preference.


What Is Online Account Management?

Free access to your account details, order cards and monitor card activity, request copy invoices, download fleet management reports 24/7. Reports can be exported to Excel and incorporated into your own reporting system.


My Business Has Changed, Can I Change My Fuel Card?

The card system that works best for you works best for us. We are aware that business is fluid and your requirements may change. As agents for different fuel card systems we are able to offer you an alternative card solution at no extra cost and without filling out any additional paperwork.