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Why Use Fuel Cards?

The efficient way of refuelling company vehicles

Hand with AID Fuel CardTired of the hassle of refilling your company vehicles whilst your drivers are out on the road? Whether you use company credit cards, cash, or an expenses reclaim system, fuel cards offer a cost effective and convenient solution that takes the stress out of the whole process. 

Whether you are a SME operating a small fleet of delivery vehicles or a large fleet of HGV’s, fuel cards are an indispensable business tool that can streamline your fleet management. 

Fuel cards can help with company expense budgeting by offering a consistent pump price that is often lower than the forecourts. Couple this with online reporting available 24/7 and HMRC compliant invoicing, you can take the headache out of your fuel card management. 


How Do I Use Fuel Cards?

Just hand out the cards to all of your drivers. When they need to fill up, simply go on the AID Fuel Site Locator to find the closest fuel station where you can use that card. Then fill up the vehicle as normal and use the fuel card in place of cash or a credit card. There’s no need to worry about price, as we will have notified you in advance as to what you are paying. 

You’ll then receive an invoice with all fuel transactions on with payments made by direct debit. 

You can sit back and relax knowing that your fuel expenditure is being looked after by us. 


How Much Do Fuel Cards Cost?

We operate on a completely transparent basis. We don’t think it's right that our customers should pay for fuel cards, site surcharges, anniversary fees or transaction charges. That’s why we believe that you only pay for the fuel you use. 

Unlike other fuel card providers, we are totally up front and honest about our fuel cards. Our only  charge is an 85p non-usage fee per card if a card is not used in an entire calendar month.


How Do I Know Which Fuel Card I Need?

We offer a wide range of fuel card solutions to suit all fleet types.

To see our full range of fuel cards, see our fuel card portfolio here.


Can I Run More Than One Type of Fuel Card?

Yes, that’s not a problem. Some of our customers like to use fuel cards that are suited to each drivers route.

What customers say

I would not hesitate to recommend AID Fuel Cards to any potential fuel card customer. The staff are very obliging whenever you have the need to contact them.
Having changed our Fuel Card provider to AID Fuel Cards some months ago, we have experienced major benefits. Reduced fuel costs with the certainty of continued ‘best price’ policies have allowed us to streamline our fleet administration.